понедельник, 19 апреля 2021 г.

Almaz-Antey "has developed a system for remote diagnosis of coronavirus

The Almaz-Antey EKR Concern has developed and prepared for implementation a regional telemedicine system that will allow remote diagnosis and treatment of patients, including those infected with coronavirus, the press service of the concern said. "Its application, which is planned to begin in the near future, will, in particular, increase the efficiency of diagnosing COVID-19, as well as a number of respiratory, cardiovascular and other diseases. In addition, the introduction of the new product will significantly reduce the risks of infection of medical workers with infectious diseases on workers. places ", - reports TASS concern.

According to the press service, the software product - "Program for assessing the degree of lung damage in viral diseases" - is already fully ready for registration as a medical device as part of the telemedicine system of remote consultations at federal and regional levels.
At the next stage, we will talk about the beginning of the use in clinical practice of a standard range of telemedicine hardware and software complexes for dispensary observation of patients from risk groups, an operating surgeon, resuscitation and intensive care units, ambulance teams, as well as the "Robot-therapist" complex for work in in real time. All these complexes, completely consisting of Russian-made hardware and software, can be integrated with the most common medical information systems in Russia, regional information systems and the Unified State Information System in the field of health care.

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