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All-female crew from Russia prepares to enter the start of the Safe Environment competition

Women will have to fulfill more than 20 standards for special training and radiation, chemical and biological protection. MOSCOW, August 20. / TASS /. The performance of an all-female crew from Russia promises to become one of the features of the international competition "Safe Environment", which will be held within the framework of the International Army Games. Women, along with the rest of the participants, will have to fulfill more than 20 standards for special training and radiation, chemical and biological protection, the Ministry of Defense said. "The crew will overcome the obstacles of the competitive route, take part in practical shooting, search for radioactive sources, chemical reconnaissance, special treatment, pass the fire-assault strip," the military department said.

The competition consists of three stages - an individual race, fire training and a relay race. First, the drivers of the PXM-4 reconnaissance chemical vehicles will have to show their skills in driving special vehicles on a closed route. At the stage of fire training, participants will find out who is better at firing in a confined space and owning regular weapons. During the relay, the contestants will have to detect "radiation", carry out special processing of weapons and equipment, and also overcome various obstacles. Teams from Armenia, Belarus, Vietnam, China, Laos, Russia and Uzbekistan are participating in the competition. The international competition Safe Environment 2020 will be held from 23 to 29 August at the Pesochnoe training ground on the border of the Kostroma and Yaroslavl regions.

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